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요양병원간호사의 역할갈등, 직무만족 및 전문직 자부심이 재직의도에 미치는 영향

Effects of Role conflict, Job Satisfaction and Professional Pride on Retention Intention of Nurses Working at Long-term Care Hospital

근관절건강학회지 2019년 26권 2호 p.81 ~ 89
김남정 ( Kim Nam-Jung ) - 강릉원주대학교 대학원 간호학과

이은희 ( Lee Eun-Hee ) - 강릉원주대학교 간호학과
전재희 ( Jeon Jae-Hee ) - 강릉원주대학교 간호학과
김은주 ( Kim Eun-Joo ) - 강릉원주대학교 간호학과


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to explore factors affecting the retention intention of nurses working at long-term care hospitals.

Methods: Data were collected from 147 nurses working in 10 long-term care hospitals using self-report questionnaires of role conflict, job satisfaction, professional pride and retention intention T-test, ANOVA, Pearson correlation and multiple regression were used to analyze the data.

Results: The mean age of subjects was 47.4±10.1 (22~65). Average length of clinical experiences was 170.12±98.99 months. The level of retention intention was significantly different by the educational level (t=4.21, p=.017). Retention Intention was significantly associated with professional job satisfaction (r=.36, p<.001) and professional pride (r=.69, p<.001), but were not significantly correlated with role conflict (r=-.07, p=.376). The multiple regression analysis shows that significant factors, affecting the retention intention were professional pride (t=9.87, p<.001) and job satisfaction (t=3.37, p=.001), which explained 46.1% of the retention intention collectively.

Conclusion: It is crucial to make substantial efforts to increase professional pride and job satisfaction in order to increase nurses’ retention intention.


호사; 역할갈등; 직무만족; 전문직자부심; 재직의도
Retention; Job satisfaction; Nurse’s role; Conflict
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