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잠복결핵감염 의료기관 종사자의 결핵약 복용 예측요인

Predictors of Taking Tuberculosis Drugs for Health Care Workers with Latent Tuberculosis Infection

근관절건강학회지 2019년 26권 2호 p.120 ~ 130
이은선 ( Lee Eun-Sun ) - 동아대학교 간호학과

민혜숙 ( Min Hye-Sook ) - 동아대학교 간호학과


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the predictors of tuberculosis (TB) drugs in health care workers diagnosed with latent tuberculosis Infection (LTBI).

Methods: This study was a descriptive correlation study. Data were collected by using a self-report questionnaire. The collected data were analyzed by -test, t-test, and logistic regression analysis.

Results: There were involved 160 participants, 35 (21.9%) who took the TB drugs, and 125 (73.8%) who did not take the TB drugs. The predictors on taking TB drugs in health care workers with LTBI were subjective norms (OR=3.33, p<.001), perceived sensitivity (OR=2.67, p=.026), perceived barrier (OR=0.14, p=.014), and unmarried (OR=4.69, p=.006) than married, health care worker category 2 group (OR=5.84, p=.015) and 1 group (OR=4.25, p=.022) than 3, 4 group, sleep over 7 hours (OR=4.11, p=.022) than less 7 hours sleep.

Conclusion: In order to promote the use of TB drugs in health care workers with LTBI, it is necessary that take intervention strategies to increase the subjective norms and perceived sensitivity and to decrease the perceived barriers.


잠복결핵; 감염; 의료; 약 치료
Latent tuberculosis; Infection; Health care; Drug therapy
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