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척추수술 후 증후군 환자의 통증 경감을 위한 척추세움근 면 차단술

Erector Spinae Plane Block for Pain Relief in Patient with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome - A Case Report -

경희의학 2019년 34권 1호 p.76 ~ 79
조용현 ( Cho Yong-Hyun ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과

신광일 ( Shin Kwang-Il ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
신옥영 ( Shin Ok-Young ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
김선희 ( Kim Sun-Hee ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
이동현 ( Lee Dong-Hyun ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
김상인 ( Kim Sang-In ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
전석호 ( Jun Seok-Ho ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
이현석 ( Lee Hyun-Seok ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과
고현철 ( Go Hyun-Chul ) - 서울성심병원 마취통증의학과


Patients with failed back surgery syndrome complain of repeated low back pain and lower extremity radiating pain after spine surgery. Patients with failed back surgery syndrome feel pain for a variety of causes. Patients do not respond well to conservative treatment. In addition, pain relief may be difficult with epidural block. We report a case of relieving pain by performing erector spinae plane block on the lumbar spine in patients with failed back surgery syndrome, This report suggests that erector spinae plane block may be a good alternative for patients with failed back surgery syndrome who are not responding to other therapies.


Nerve block; Failed back surgery syndrome; Low back pain
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