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Study on the Injury and Rehabilitation of Racket Athletes with Disabilities

대한물리치료학회지 2019년 31권 4호 p.228 ~ 235
정창성 ( Zheng Chang-Sheng ) - Daegu Catholic University Graduate School Department of Physical Therapy

 ( Shin Hwa-Kyung ) - Daegu Catholic University College of Bio and Medical Science Department of Physical Therapy
김용식 ( Kim Young-Sik ) - Korea Paralympic committee


Purpose: This study examined the injury and rehabilitation of athletes with disabilities in racket sports projects (i.e., badminton, table tennis, and wheelchair tennis). In addition, the characteristics of each project and the differences among those projects are discussed.

Methods: Business team athletes with disabilities in racket sport were enrolled as subjects (i.e., 19 badminton athletes, 19 table tennis athletes, and 19 wheelchair tennis athletes). The real conditions of the injury, injury severity, injury site, symptoms, and rehabilitation methods after injury were analyzed.

Results: No significant differences were observed among the actual condition, injury severity, symptoms and the methods of rehabilitation on racket sport for athletes (i.e., badminton, table tennis, and wheelchair tennis athletes) with disability. The differences were focused mainly on the injury sites due to the characteristics of the different projects, and specific technical actions.

Conclusion: This study examined the real condition of the injury, injury severity, injury site, symptoms and rehabilitation methods after the injury on the rackets (i.e., badminton, table tennis, and wheelchair tennis) athletes with disabilities. The data can be used to eliminate the incidence of injury and minimize the injury severity for racket athletes with disabilities. In addition, it can also be used for the disabled, who like racket projects, as the fundamental material to prevent injury and assist in recovery.


Athlete; Disabled persons; Injuries; Racquet sports; Rehabilitation
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