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치기공과 학생들의 진로준비행동에 대한 자기주도학습의 중요성에 관한 연구

A Study on The Importance of Self-directed Learning on Career-preparation Behavior of Department of Dental Technology Students

대한치과기공학회지 2019년 41권 3호 p.233 ~ 244
나정숙 ( Nah Jung-Sook ) - 진주보건대학교 치기공과


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to learn the importance of self-directed learning about career-preparation behavior of department of dental technology students.

Methods: Using the questionnaire, the department of dental technology in Gyeongnam Province conducted a survey of students of department of dental technology at A and B college for one month from May 15, 2019 through June 15, 2019, and finally 204 students were surveyed for Self-esteem, Self-determination, Self-efficacy, Internal control, College life adaptation, Self-directed learning, and Career-preparation behavior.

Results: Self-esteem among students has been shown to improve self-directed learning by increasing the stress of college life, and self-efficacy has only a direct effect on self-directed learning. In addition, self-determination and internal control of department of dental technology students were found to be variables that have a common positive effect on college life adaptation and self-directed learning. In addition, college life adaptation gives direct positive effect to self-directed learning, but indirect effect through self-directed learning was found to be stronger than direct effect on career-preparation behavior, and the career-preparation behavior of students was further strengthened through self-directed learning.

Conclusion: The changes in college restructuring and various policies also suggest that students should actively seek ways to instill certainty about their major's vision and career path within the college rather than deciding their future through extreme measures such as academic secession at a time when anxiety and uncertainty about their career is strong.


Self-esteem; Self-determination; Internal control; College life adaptation; Self-directed learning; Career-preparation behavior
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