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상악 우측 유전치부에 발생한 삼중치 : 증례 보고

Triplication of upper right primary anterior teeth : a case report

대한치과의사협회지 2019년 57권 10호 p.588 ~ 594
배상용 ( Bae Sang-Yong ) - 원광대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실

이제우 ( Lee Je-Woo ) - 원광대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실
라지영 ( Ra Ji-Young ) - 원광대학교 치과대학 소아치과학교실


The fusion is an anomalous union of two or more tooth germ at some stage in the development process resulting in a decreased number of teeth in the dental arch. Fusion is common odontogenic anomaly but triplication of primary teeth is a rare phenomenon. We report a case of a 3 ? year ? old girl who visited our clinic for the pain on maxillary anterior tooth. The patient was diagnosed by the fusion of a the maxillary primary right central and lateral incisor with a supernumerary tooth and caries of dentine. And then, Endodontic treatment and composite resin restoration were performed on the triple teeth. After follow-up of 6 months period, there was no marked complications.


Triple teeth; Primary teeth; Fusion; Gemination
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