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서부 경남 지역 청소년의 화장품 사용에 대한 연구

A Survey on Behavior Regarding Cosmetics Use of Teenagers in Western Gyeongnam Province

대한피부과학회지 2019년 57권 7호 p.371 ~ 377
문윤선 ( Moon Yun-Sun ) - 창원경상대학교병원 피부과


Background: Many students are interested in their appearance and express a strong concern about cosmetics use.
However, few studies have reported on cosmetics use in teenagers visiting dermatologic clinics. Recently, there was a report on consumer’s behavior regarding cosmetics in Korea, so we attempted to assess this behavior in our clinics.

Objective: This study aimed to assess behavior regarding cosmetics use in teenagers.

Methods: We conducted a questionnaire survey with 26 questions concerning cosmetics use behavior of teenagers who visited dermatologic clinics and participated in the campaign program. The questionnaire consisted of basic information about the type of cosmetics most frequently used.
Results: A total of 269 individuals participated in our survey, consisting of 118 men (43.9%) and 151 women (56.1%). Most participants (92.2%) used cosmetics. The most frequently used skin care and makeup product was sun cream (81.5%) and lip balm/gloss (40.7%). Most participants (80.2%) responded that they use cosmetics daily. This result shows that cosmetics use is common among teenagers. The common influences of starting cosmetics use are friends and neighbors. Teenagers used cosmetics mainly for cosmetic purpose (42.3%), followed by increasing self-regard (35.9%) and improving skin status (19.4%). Seventy-eight teenagers (31.5%) developed side effects after using cosmetics. The most common side effects were contact dermatitis (78.4%).

Conclusion: This study found that teenagers are becoming a rising consumer in the cosmetics industry. Therefore, we suggest that dermatologist should provide teenagers with appropriate education and management on cosmetics use.


Cosmetics; Survey; Teenager; Western Gyeongnam
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