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기능성소화불량과 만성 위축성 위염이 병발된 여성 환자에 대해 한방치료 경험 1례

A Case Report of the Traditional Korean Treatment of Female Patients with Both Functional Dyspepsia and Chronic Atrophic Gastritis

대한한방내과학회지 2019년 40권 4호 p.697 ~ 708
윤상협 (  ) - 경희대학교 한방병원 내과


Objective: The aim of this study was to introduce gastric dysmotility as a common cause in patients with concurrent functional dyspepsia and chronic atrophic gastritis.

Method: Dyspeptic symptoms, the Rydoraku score, gastric motility (electrogastrography, bowel sound analysis), gastric mucosa (gastroendoscopy), and blood and blood chemistry were all evaluated. For the treatment method, Pyengwi-san (solution) and Banwhasashim-tang (extract) were used as herbal drugs. Both ST36 electrical stimulation and simple immersion stimulation of CV11, 12, and 13 in the abdomen were applied.

Results: Dyspeptic symptoms including indigestion, headache, and insomnia were all relieved. Gastric myoelectrical activity and gastric pyloric function were additionally improved. The condition of the gastric mucosa was changed from atrophic to erosive. Other side-effects of the treatment were not noted.

Conclusion: The traditional Korean treatment showed effectiveness in the relief of dyspeptic symptoms and mucosal improvement of chronic atrophic gastritis. Gastric dysmotility is a common cause of the condition being concurrent with both functional dyspepsia and chronic atrophic gastritis without Helicobacter pylori infection.


functional dyspepsia; gastric dysmotility; chronic atrophic gastritis; acupuncture; herbal medicine
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