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다한증의 한의학적 변증 및 치료에 대한 국내 임상 논문 고찰

A Review of Korean Medicine Treatment for Hyperhidrosis

대한한방소아과학회지 2019년 33권 3호 p.42 ~ 55
이신희 ( Lee Shin-Hee ) - 대구한의대학교 부속 대구한방병원 한방소아과

백정한 ( Baek Jung-Han ) - 대구한의대학교 부속 대구한방병원 한방소아과


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to figure out the tendency of the commonly-used-pattern-identification and treatment for Hyperhidrosis by reviewing Korean clinical studies.

Methods: 18 articles which were published from August, 2004 to December, 2018. were obtained from the National discovery for science leader (NDSL), Research information sharing service (RISS), and Oriental medicine advanced searching integrated system (OASIS) by using keyword ‘hyperhidrosis’.

Results: The most commonly-used-pattern-identification were the patterns with ‘Heart’ and ‘Spleen-stomach’. Hyungbangsabaek-san and Taeeumjowi-tang were the most frequently used herbal medicine. The most common acupoints was LI4. The most common method of assessment was VAS.

Conclusions: This study identifies the most common pattern identification and treatment for hyperhidrosis. Developing systematic standards of pattern identification and treatment can be possible with further studies.


Hyperhidrosis; Pattern-Identification; Herbal medicine; Acupuncture
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