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급·만성 기관지염과 알레르기성 비염의 국내 의료 이용 현황 분석

Analysis of Korean Medical status of Acute Bronchitis, Chronic Bronchitis and Allergic Rhinitis patients

대한한의학회지 2019년 40권 3호 p.87 ~ 98
정유진 ( Jung You-Jin ) - 경희대학교 대학원 한방응용의학과

양웅모 ( Yang Woong-Mo ) - 경희대학교 대학원 한방응용의학과


Objectives: Patients with respiratory diseases are increasing as air pollution due to fine dust gets worse. Diseases that occupy a large proportion of respiratory diseases in medical institutions are acute bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and Allergic rhinitis. The number of patients with all three diseases is gradually increasing. This study was to suggest assignment of medicine policy for improving accessibility to Korean medical treatment of respiratory diseases analyzing the current treatment status of acute bronchitis, Chronic bronchitis and Allergic rhinitis patients in Western medical and Korean medical institutes in this situation.

Methods: This study used 2017 National patient sample data from the Korean Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service for research. Acute bronchitis, Chronic bronchitis, Allergic rhinitis was according to KCD code. This research contains Socio-demographic analysis classified by sex and age, the number of three disease’s patients. Also the number of medical treatment, the expense of recuperation cost, medical practices were analyzed compare with Western and Korean medicine.

Results: The incidence of three diseases is higher among female than male. There are many patients under the age of 10 in the case of acute bronchitis and allergic rhinitis, while there are many patients over 50 years of age in chronic bronchitis. Western medical treatment take up a larger proportion than Korean medical treatment in part of the number of three disease’s patients, the number of medical treatment, the expense of recuperation cost.

Conclusions: Much more patients of these diseases visit in Western medical clinic and hospital than Korean medical clinic and hospital for treatment. There are many parts of Korean medical treatment that are not covered by Health insurance benefits like herbal decoction, pharmacopuncture, etc. Korean medicine need to do the efforts for expanding medical field in variety. Also it is demanded for institutional support for reduction of the cost burden and improving on accessibility of Korean medical treatment in order to treat with the increase in respiratory diseases due to fine dust.


Acute bronchitis; Chronic bronchitis; Allergic rhinitis; respiratory disease; Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service
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