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온침의 온도변화 특성에 대한 문헌 고찰 연구

A Review on the Characteristics of Temperature Variation in Warm Needle

대한한의학회지 2019년 40권 3호 p.112 ~ 138
이주현 ( Lee Ju-Hyun ) - 동국대학교 한의과대학

조효림 ( Jo Hyo-Rim ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 침구의학과
김선혜 ( Kim Seon-Hye ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 침구의학과
이연선 ( Lee Yeon-Sun ) - 동국대학교 일산한방병원 침구과
박세원 ( Park Se-Won ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 사상체질과
문소리 ( Moon So-Ri ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 한방재활의학과
정찬영 ( Jung Chan-Yung ) - 동의대학교 한의과대학 한의학연구소
성원석 ( Sung Won-Suk ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 침구의학과
조현석 ( Cho Hyun-Seok ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 침구의학과
김경호 ( Kim Kyung-Ho ) - 동국대학교 일산한방병원 침구과
이병욱 ( Lee Byung-Wook ) - 동국대학교 한의과대학 원전의사학교실
김은정 ( Kim Eun-Jung ) - 동국대학교 분당한방병원 침구의학과


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to organize the research methods and results of studies related to the temperature of the warm needle for systematic utilization of warm needling technique.

Methods: This study used the databases of nine (Pubmed, Science Direct, Cochrane Central, 4 Korean databases, CNKI, CiNii) to analyze temperature-related studies of the warm needle from 2000 to June 2019.

Results: A total of 19 papers were included. Of these, 15 were used for mugwort, 2 for high frequency, and 1 for both mugwort and high frequency, and the other one for a ceramic heater. The maximum temperature rises as the amount of moxibustion increases. It is also affected by the density of moxa and the ignition part. There were 16 papers using stainless steel needles and 4 papers using a needle made of gold or silver to compare. In the area of the needle, the closer it is to moxibustion, the hotter it is. Compared to stainless steel needles, gold and silver needles showed almost twice the temperature. The effects of environment and radiant heat should be considered during warm needle procedures.

Conclusions: There are various experimental methods such as warm needle technique materials, methods, measuring parts, measuring instruments, etc. The results were also very diverse. When setting the heating source, ignition part, size of moxibustion, etc. of warm needles, it should be implemented in a way that takes safety and validity into account. Considerations for temperature characteristics, radiant heat, etc. of warm needles will be needed when making warm needle apparatus.


warm needle; warm acupuncture; temperature; heat; thermal property
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