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정신건강의학과 외래에서 알코올사용장애 환자 치료

Treatment of the Alcohol Use Disorder at Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

신경정신의학 2019년 58권 3호 p.159 ~ 166
조근호 ( Joe Keun-Ho ) - 국립정신건강센터 정신건강사업과


Alcohol use disorder is a kind of chronic illness that is difficult to treat. The disorder often recurs easily and patients visit the outpatient clinic while intoxicated. Therefore, is often too difficult to treat all people of concern, i.e., the caregiver, patient, and doctor, due to the frequent helpless and hopeless relapse. If the patient has severe withdrawal symptoms or poor physical condition, it is very difficult to maintain treatment at an outpatient clinic. On the other hand, many patients abstain or reduce drinking and go on to live a sober life by outpatient-based management. In addition, psychosocial treatment techniques and efficient medications are available at the level of a psychiatric outpatient clinic. Under the scope and limitations of outpatient-based approaches, patients with alcohol use disorder can develop a new life called ‘recovery’ with the help of psychiatrists, by the way of motivating changes, correcting cognitive errors, establishing effective coping skills, utilizing external resources actively, and facilitating healthy roles with their families.


Outpatients; Alcohol use disorder; Alcohol dependence; Psychotherapy; Drug therapy
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