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The Status and Perception on Compounding Powdered Medicine for Adult Patients in Community Pharmacies

약학회지 2019년 63권 4호 p.185 ~ 191
권경은 ( Kwon Kyong-Eun ) - 차의과학대학교 임상약학대학원

김명규 ( KIm Myeong-Gyu ) - 차의과학대학교 임상약학대학원
심미경 ( Shim Mi-Kyong ) - 차의과학대학교 약학대학
손현순 ( Sohn Hyun-Soon ) - 차의과학대학교 약학대학


Dysphagia associated with geriatric diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease demands powderedmedicine which increases workloads in community pharmacies. This study was conducted to investigate the currentpractice status of pulverizing into powder drug formulation in community pharmacies. On-line and off-line surveys wereconducted on 288 community pharmacists using a questionnaire consisting of 22 items from April to May, 2016. 51.7%of respondents had 1-9 prescriptions per month for powdered medicine for adults, and 24.7% had zero. The moreprescriptions a general hospital prescribed, the more powdered medicine for adults (p<0.001) and the longer theprescription days (p<0.001). The time required for preparing before- and cleaning after-dispensing was usually 3 to 5minutes and that for dispensing was also 3 to 5 minutes per prescription. An additional ≥7 minutes were needed for theinappropriate prescription, mostly due to formulation prohibited for grinding (52.8%). 86.1% of community pharmaciststhought that preparation of powdered medicine for adults was more difficult than that of children, and 96.9% thought thatit needed reimbursement charge. Of them, 61.8% suggested the higher level of current reimbursement charge for children.
65.3% agreed to designate compounding pharmacy for long-term (more than 30 days) powdered medicine for adults. Inconclusion, increased dispensing time and difficulty for powdered medicine for adults with dysphagia require a continuousopen discussion about rational compensation for the service provided by community pharmacists.


Community pharmacist; pharmacy service; dispensing; powdered medicine; reimbursement
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