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고도에 따른 한라산 구상나무와 주목의 외생균근균 다양성 비교

Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Diversity on Abies korea and Taxus cuspidata at Two Altitudes in Mt. Halla

한국균학회지 2019년 47권 3호 p.199 ~ 208
이지은 ( Lee Ji-Eun ) - 한국교원대학교 생물교육과

엄안흠 ( Eom Ahn-Heum ) - 한국교원대학교 생물교육과


In this study, the community structures of the ectomycorrhizal (ECM) fungi in the roots of Abies koreana and Taxus cuspidata were investigated at different altitudes of Mt. Halla.
We identified the collected ECM root tips based on morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analysis through sequencing of the rDNA ITS regions. From the roots of A.
koreana and T. cuspidata , 11 species and 12 species were identified, respectively. The Shannon’s index and species evenness and abundance of the ECM fungi were higher in the higher than lower regions, regardless of host plant species, however, the number of ECM root tips showed the opposite pattern. The community similarity among the ECM fungi in A. koreana was significantly higher than that among the ECM fungi in T. cuspidata or than that between A. koreana and T. cuspidata (p < 0.05). These results could be useful for the conservation and management of the habitat of A. koreana, which is threatened with extinction due to increasing ambient air temperature.


Altitude; Abies koreana; Ectomycorrhizal fungi; Species diversity; Taxus cuspidata
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