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비정규직 방문간호사의 직무불안정성이 직무만족, 조직몰입에 미치는 영향

Effects of Non-Regular Visiting Nurses’ Job Insecurity on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment

한국보건간호학회지 2019년 33권 2호 p.270 ~ 283
박남희 ( Park Nam-Hee ) - 인제대학교 간호학과

정지혜 ( Jeong Ji-Hye ) - 거제대학교 간호학과


Purpose: The aim of this study was to identify the job insecurity, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment of non-regular visiting nurses working at public health centers, and evaluate the effects of job insecurity on the job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Methods: This study was a descriptive survey study. One hundred forty-three visiting nurses, who were non-regular hired by 16 public health centers in B city, were selected using a convenient sampling method.

Results: The results were analyzed using SPSS/Win 21.0. A feeling of helplessness (among job insecurity factors) and retention intention significantly affected the job satisfaction of non-regular visiting nurses, and their explanation power was 20%. Retention intention, a feeling of helplessness, and age significantly influenced the organizational commitment, and their explanation power was 26%.

Conclusion: Therefore, it would be necessary to stabilize the employment type, provide appropriate promotion and compensation for nurses according to their work performance, and reduce the number of non-regular employees to increase the job satisfaction and organizational commitment of non-regular visiting nurses.


비정규직; 방문간호사; 직무불안정; 직무만족; 조직몰입
Community health; Public health; Nurses; Job satisfaction
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