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중도시각장애인 부인의 위기 직면 및 극복 경험에 관한 내러티브 연구

A Narrative Study on the Experiences of Facing and Coping the Crisis in the Wives of Men Having Visual Impairment

한국보건교육학회지 2019년 33권 2호 p.242 ~ 257
권진숙 ( Kwon Jin-Sook ) - 서정대학교 간호학과

박시현 ( Park Si-Hyun ) - 인하대학교 간호학과


Purpose: This study examined the life experiences of the wives of men who were born with normal vision but gradually developed a visual impairment, with particular focus on their way of facing and coping with their life crisis.

Method: A narrative approach was used to not only understand women’s experiences within sociocultural contexts, but also reveal the subjective meaning of their personal life stories through their own voices. A purposive sample of three participants having husbands unexpectedly diagnosed with visual impairment during their marriage was recruited. The data were analyzed using the narrative analysis methods suggested by Clandinin and Connelly.

Results: The wives took the crisis of their husbands’ visual impairment as an economic crisis of the family. They faced a variety of difficulties, including extreme despair, role changes, and economic burdens. On the other hand, they tried to keep the family secure through a range of coping strategies that were motivated by compassion toward the husbands, maternal affection for the children, and a sense of responsibility for their families.

Conclusion: This study revealed the need for financial support for temporarily disadvantaged families. In addition, various nursing and counseling programs for the family members will also be needed to help recover the family functions.


시각장애; 장애; 스트레스; 적응; 가족간호; 질적연구
Vision Disorders; Disabled; Stress; Adaptation; Family nursing; Qualitative research
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