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응급센터 리모델링 전후 구역별 방사선 노출량 비교

Comparison of radiation exposure by area before and after emergency center remodeling

대한응급의학회지 2019년 30권 5호 p.385 ~ 392
안권수 ( Ahn Kwon-Soo ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실

이상봉 ( Lee Sang-Bong ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실
김동훈 ( Kim Dong-Hoon ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실
김태윤 ( Kim Tae-Yun ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실
강창우 ( Kang Chang-Woo ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실
이수훈 ( Lee Soo-Hoon ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실
정진희 ( Jeong Jin-Hee ) - 경상대학교병원 응급의학교실
김성춘 ( Kim Seong-Chun ) - 경상대학교 건강과학연구원
박용주 ( Park Yong-Joo ) - 경상대학교 건강과학연구원
임대성 ( Lim Dae-Sung ) - 경상대학교 건강과학연구원


Objective: Radiation is used extensively in emergency centers. Computed tomography and X-ray imaging are used frequently. Portable X-rays, in particular, cause a significant amount of indirect radiation exposure to medical personnel. The authors’ emergency center was remodeled, and a comparative study of radiation exposure was carried out in certain places that had experienced radiation for a long time.

Method: The cumulative radiation dose was measured 20 times in the 24 hours prior to remodeling, and the cumulative radiation dose was measured again 20 times across the 24-hour period. The measurement points were fixed at the emergency doctor’s seat (Zone A), charge nurse’s seat (Zone B), and section nurse’s seat (Zone C). During the 24-hour cumulative radiation measurement period, the number of portable X-ray shots was recorded in the emergency center.

Results: The mean of the 24-hour cumulative radiation measurements in zone A was 3.36±0.07 μSV and 4.54±0.07 μSV before and after remodeling, respectively (P<0.001). Regarding the number of portable X-rays performed during the measurement, a higher number of trials in the Pearson correction correlated with a higher radiation measurement.

Conclusion: In an emergency medical center, there is a higher level of low-dose radiation exposure compared to that experienced from natural radioactivity. Regarding the number of portable X-rays, the cumulative radiation dose measured 24 hours after remodeling increased and can be assumed to be related to the environment.


X-rays; Low dose radiation; Emergency center
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