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보건의료발전계획 수립의 시급한 필요성

The Urgent Need to Establish the Plan for Development of Health and Medical Services

보건행정학회지 2019년 29권 3호 p.245 ~ 247
박은철 ( Park Eun-Cheol ) - 보건행정학회지


Although 19 years have passed since the enforcement of the Framework Act on Health and Medical Services, the Plans for Development of Health and Medical Services has not been established. This Plan is a 5-year basic long-term plan that covers the whole of health and medical services. This Plan should point to the direction of 30 long-term plans of healthcare, and this Plan should serve as a combination and coordination of 30 long-term plans and 22 related laws. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan have established long-term healthcare plans (4-, 10-, and 20-year plans, respectively). The long-term health plan of the United States has been approached bottom-up, those of the United Kingdom and Japan have been approached top-down. The rapid environmental changes that Korea is and will be experiencing emphasize urgently the need for establishing the Plan for Development of Health and Medical Services.


Plan for development of health and medical services; Long-term plan; Necessity; Urgency
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