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건강보험수가제도 개선을 통한 의료전달체계 확립방안

Establishment of Healthcare Delivery System through Improvement of Health Insurance System

보건행정학회지 2019년 29권 3호 p.248 ~ 261
오영호 ( Oh Young-Ho ) - 한국보건사회연구원


Establishing a healthcare delivery system is key to building a cost-effective healthcare system that can prevent the waste of healthcare resources and increase efficiency. Recently, the rapid increase in the national medical expenditures due to the aging of the population and the increase in chronic diseases has raised the question about the sustainability of the healthcare system including the health insurance system. This is why we need to reform the medical delivery system, including the function setting of medical institutions. Accordingly, gradual and practical efforts based on the recognition of reality are needed for solving the problems and improving the medical delivery system. The first effort is to secure policy measures to establish functions and roles of medical institutions which are the basis of the healthcare delivery system, and a systematic medical use system for appropriate medical use. This approach can be achieved through a reasonable health insurance schemes. Without reasonable reform efforts, it will be difficult for Korea's health care system to develop into a system that can provide cost-effective and high-quality medical services that the people want.


Healthcare delivery system; National health insurance; Efficient health care provision system; Functions and roles of medical institutions
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