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국내 학술지에 보고된 철학상담 사례의 대화 분석

Analysis of Conversation in Philosophical Counseling Cases Reported in Korean Journals

동의신경정신과학회지 2019년 30권 3호 p.141 ~ 152
서효원 ( Suh Hyo-Weon ) - 경희대학교 대학원 임상한의학과

권찬영 ( Kwon Chan-Young ) - 경희대학교 한의과대학 한방신경정신과학교실
김종우 ( Kim Jong-Woo ) - 경희대학교 한의과대학 한방신경정신과학교실


Objectives: We analyzed the reports of philosophical counseling and derived the characteristics of the questions that were administered in philosophical counseling. We also wanted to discuss if philosophical questions are necessary and applicable in Oriental medicine counseling.

Methods: A systematic search of three Korean databases were performed. Case reports or case series that apply philosophical counseling to clients were included in this study (through June 27, 2019). We extracted questions and answers from the dialogue of each case. Extracted conversations between counselor and client were analyzed qualitatively.

Results: Seven published articles with 17 cases were included and were analyzed for philosophical counseling. Philosophical questions have the following characteristics to help clients: (1) To clarify the phenomenon, (2) To identify subject and object, (3) To consider other people’s perspective, (4) To review the premise, (5) To review the association relationship (6) To allow opportunities to think differently, and (7) To think of identity and values. Philosophical counseling and Korean medical counseling have commonalities in improving patients’ resilience through logical conversation. The use of philosophical counseling in Korean medical counseling will maximize clients’ philosophical resilience and the reparative power of nature. Thus, it is desirable to apply philosophical counseling to the practice of Korean medicine (KM).

Conclusions: Through the qualitative analysis, we analyzed and categorized major characteristics of philosophical counseling. In the future, the possibility of using philosophical counseling should be explored in the KM practice.


Philosophy; Medicine; Korean Traditional; Counseling; Review
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