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급성 스트레스 장애에 대한 양심탕가미방(養心湯加味方) 치험 3례

Acute Stress Disorder Patients Treated with Yanshimtang-Gamibang: Three Case Reports

동의신경정신과학회지 2019년 30권 3호 p.295 ~ 304
임수연 ( Lim Su-Yeon ) - 부천자생한방병원 신경정신과

문영주 ( Moon Young-Ju ) - 부천자생한방병원 한방재활의학과
이지연 ( Lee Ji-Yun ) - 부천자생한방병원 한방재활의학과
전현아 ( Jeon Hyun-A ) - 부천자생한방병원 한방재활의학과
고영탁 ( Goh Young-Tak ) - 부천자생한방병원 신경정신과


Objectives: The purpose of this case report was to propose Yangshimtang-Gamibang on three patients diagnosed with acute stress disorder.

Methods: Yangshimtang-Gamibang was treated on three patients diagnosed with acute stress disorder after experiencing a traffic accident. The effects of Yangshimtang-Gamibang were evaluated through BAI (Beck Anxiety Inventory), NRS (Numerical rating scale), NDI (Neck Disability Index), ODI (Oswestry Disability Index), respectively, and quality of sleep was assessed with total sleep time and number of times waking up during sleep.

Results: After the treatment, there was significant decrease in the value of BAI score, a measurement of anxiety, as well as the value of NRS, NDI, ODI, a measure of pain. Also, the sleep quality of three patients improved.

Conclusions: The results indicate that Yangshimtang-Gamibang may have an effect on people with acute stress disorder who recently experienced a traffic accident.


Yangshimtang-Gamibang; Acute stress disorder; BAI
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