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공감에 대한 개념분석

Concept Analysis of Empathy

기본간호학회지 2019년 26권 3호 p.145 ~ 154
최선엽 ( Choi Sun-Yeob ) - 이화여자대학교 간호대학


Purpose: This study was done to analyze and clarify the concept of empathy in nursing.

Methods: Using the concept analysis framework of Walker & Avant 68 articles about empathy were selected for this study.

Results: Defining attributes of empathy included recognizing others’ perspective and thought, understanding others’ emotion, and communicating with them. The antecedents of empathy included contact with patients, respect and trust for patients, a certain level of cognitive ability, and communication skills. Consequences of empathy were increasing patient self-understanding, self-awareness as a therapeutic subject and improving quality of nursing. The concept was clarified through presentation of model, borderline, related, and contrary cases.

Conclusion: The results of this study are meaningful in that the concept and attributes of empathy are explored in the area of nursing. Also, based on results of this study, development of standardized tools to measure patient-perceived empathy and measure the three attributes of empathy is recommended as well as the development of educational programs to enhance empathy.


공감; 간호; 간호사; 환자
Empathy; Nursing; Nurse; Patient
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