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신규간호사의 응급간호 역량 강화를 위한 중요도 - 실행도 분석

Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) to Improve Emergency Care for Novice Nurses

기본간호학회지 2019년 26권 3호 p.155 ~ 165
박하영 ( Park Ha-Young ) - 연세대학교 일반대학원 간호학과

김유진 ( Kim Yoo-Jin ) - 연세대학교 일반대학원 간호학과
추상희 ( Chu Sang-Hui ) - 연세대학교 간호대학


Purpose: Although emergency care is one of the most important capabilities for novice nurses, many novice nurses have shown difficulty in emergency care in the clinical field. The purpose of this study was to provide evidence data for the future development of educational programs by analyzing the priorities in emergency care of novice nurses using the Importance-Performance Analysis.

Methods: This study was designed as a descriptive survey. The participants were 197 novice nurses who worked in general hospitals from August 1 to 31, 2018. The questionnaire consisted of ‘common emergency care’, ‘cardiovascular emergency care’, ‘nervous system emergency care’, ‘respiratory system emergency care’, ‘communication and teamwork competency’.

Results: As a result of this study, ‘communication and teamwork' among emergency cares was evaluated as the most important capability in the clinical field. In the Importance-Performance Analysis, a total of 12 items were included in the quadrant A, including 5 items related to ‘cardiovascular emergency care', 4 items to ‘respiratory system emergency care’, 2 items to ‘nervous system emergency care’ and 1 item to ‘common emergency care’. The results showed a need for intensive improvement in items included in quadrant A which are the high importance low performance items.

Conclusion: In order to improve the emergency care of novice nurses, a variety of emergency care education programs on the nervous system and respiratory system care should be implemented as well as cardiovascular emergency care education.


간호사; 응급간호; 임상역량
Nurses; Emergency nursing; Clinical competence
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