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요양병원 입원 노인의 좋은 죽음 인식, 사전의료의향서에 대한 태도 및 임종치료선호도

Good Death Awareness, Attitudes toward Advance Directives and Preferences for Care Near the End of Life among Hospitalized Elders in Long-term Care Hospitals

기본간호학회지 2019년 26권 3호 p.197 ~ 209
김은주 ( Kim Eun-Ju ) - 부산대학교 대학원

이윤주 ( Lee Yoon-Ju ) - 부산대학교 간호대학


Purpose: This study was done to examine good death awareness, attitudes toward advance directives (ADs), and preference for care near the end-of-life (PCEOL) of hospitalized elders in long-term care hospitals. Relevant characteristics were investigated as well as correlation of the variables.

Methods: This descriptive research study involved 161 hospitalized elderly patients in long-term care hospitals. A self-report questionnaire was used to measure Good Death Scale, ADs Survey, PCEOL Scale, and general characteristics. Collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, and Pearson correlation with SPSS/WIN 23.0.
Results: In terms of good death awareness, a significant difference was observed; in according to age (F=3.35, p=.037), payer of treatment costs (F=3.98, p=.021), mobility (F=3.97, p=.021), heard discussion about ADs (t=-3.89, p<.001), and willing to complete ADs (t=2.12, p=.036). As far as attitudes toward ADs, the participants presented significant difference depending on religion (t=2.38, p=.018), average monthly income (F=3.91, p=.022), duration of hospital admission (F=5.33, p=.006), person to discuss ADs (t=-2.76, p=.006). On PCEOL, there was a significant difference, depending on religion (t=-3.59, p<.001) and perceived health status (F=3.93, p=.022). Finally, as for how the variables were related to each other, good death awareness and attitudes toward ADs had a weak positive correlation with PCEOL.

Conclusion: To help seniors staying in nursing homes face a good death and enjoy autonomy, there should be educational and support systems that reflect each individual’s sociodemographic characteristics so that the seniors can choose what kind of care they want to receive near the end-of-life.


죽음; 사전의료의향서; 사전의료계획; 임종간호; 노인
Death; Advance directives; Advance care planning; Terminal care; Aged
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