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Exploring How to Conduct Infection Prevention and Control Education in Undergraduate Nursing Programs in Korea: Focus Group Interview Analysis

기본간호학회지 2019년 26권 3호 p.210 ~ 220
 ( Chang Sung-Ok ) - Korea University College of Nursing

 ( Sohng Kyeong-Yae ) - Catholic University College of Nursing
 ( Kim Kyung-Hee ) - Chung-Ang University Red Cross College of Nursing
 ( Won Jong-Soon ) - Eulji University College of Nursing
 ( Choi Min-Jung ) - Catholic University College of Nursing
 ( Chaung Seung-Kyo ) - Semyung University Department of Nursing


Purpose: In the nursing profession, it is imperative that students are able to transfer their undergraduate knowledge and skills into practice to become competent nurses. The aim of this study was to illuminate how infection prevention and control (IPC) education would be conducted in undergraduate nursing programs.

Methods: A qualitative design utilizing focus group interviews as its data collection method was employed. Twelve professors from twelve South Korean universities that have undergraduate nursing programs were recruited as research participants and divided into two focus groups.

Results: Focus group interview analysis showed that IPC education in undergraduate nursing programs for fostering IPC competency was composed of two categories: a pre-clinical course and a clinical course. Each included three subcategories-education contents, education strategies, and considerations of how infection control is taught to students as they continue from beginning to advanced-and the themes of each subcategory were derived.

Conclusions: The findings of this study can provide an overview of how nursing professors should teach IPC education to undergraduates. As IPC education for nurses is very important, more in-depth discussions that include educators, clinical mentors, and nursing students regarding IPC education are needed to ensure patients’ safety in clinical settings.


감염; 예방과 관리; 교육; 간호대학생
Infection; Prevention and control; Education; Students; Nursing
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