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A Rare Extradural Spinal Meningioma with Nocturnal Chest Pain: A Case Report

대한척추외과학회지 2019년 26권 3호 p.100 ~ 104
김상범 (  ) - 충남대학교병원 정형외과학교실

원유건 ( Won You-Gun ) - 건양대학교병원 정형외과학교실
장민구 ( Jang Min-Gu ) - Salzburg University Hospital Switzerland and Department of Radiology
 ( Gutzeit Andreas ) - Salzburg University Hospital Switzerland and Department of Radiology
 ( Casari Fabio ) - Klinik St. Department of Neurosurgery
 ( Hausmann Oliver Nic ) - Klinik St. Department of Neurosurgery


Study Design: Case report.

Objectives: To report a rare case of a spinal extradural meningioma in a patient with longstanding nonspecific thoracic nocturnal pain.

Summary of Literature Review: Meningioma is a frequent intradural extramedullary tumor that is associated with pain, sensory/motor deficits, and sphincter weakness. Spinal meningiomas most commonly occur in the thoracic spine, although they can also be found at other locations.

Materials and Methods: A 65-year-old woman first visited the cardiac and gastrointestinal departments of our institution due to chest pain 2 years previously. No explanation for the complaint could be found in the heart or other organs. On a computed tomography scan of the thorax, a spinal mass was found a few months before the diagnosis. On magnetic resonance imaging, an extramedullary and extradural mass was observed at T7/8.

Results: We performed surgery and found an extradural spinal meningioma upon the histological diagnosis. Postoperatively, the patient could adequately move both legs and feet and the nocturnal chest pain disappeared after surgery without any complications.

Conclusions: Awareness of the rarity and nonspecific symptoms of extradural spinal meningiomas will be beneficial for their accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.


경막외 공간; 흉추부 통증; 의인성 경막 손상; 척추 수막종; 척추 종양
Extradural space; Thoracic pain; Iatrogenic dural injury; Spinal meningioma; Spine tumors
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