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Stable Microbial Community and Specific Beneficial Taxa Associated

Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2019년 29권 10호 p.1624 ~ 1628
 ( Fu Lin ) - Nanjing Agricultural University

 ( Ou Yannan ) - Nanjing Agricultural University
 ( Shen Zongzhuan ) - Nanjing Agricultural University
 ( Wang Beibei ) - Hainan University Institute of Tropical Agriculture and Forestry
 ( Li Rong ) - Nanjing Agricultural University
 ( Shen Qirong ) - Nanjing Agricultural University


Banana planting altered microbial communities and induced the enrichment of Fusarium oxysporum in rhizosphere compared with that of forest soil. Diseased plant rhizosphere soil (WR) harbored increased pathogen abundance and showed distinct microbial structures from healthy plant rhizosphere soil (HR). The enriched taxon of Bordetella and key taxon of Chaetomium together with some other taxa showed negative associations with pathogen in HR, indicating their importance in pathogen inhibition. Furthermore, a more stable microbiota was observed in HR than in WR. Taken together, the lower pathogen abundance, specific beneficial microbial taxa and stable microbiota contributed to disease suppression.


Fusarium wilt; rhizosphere microbiota; stability; co-occurrence
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