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Two Subunits of Wheat Germ, Calf Thymus and Human Placenta DNA-dependent RNA Polymerases II Bind to DNA

Molecules and Cells 1990년 1권 1호 p.31 ~ 36
 ( Lee Young-Ik ) - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Genetic Engineering Center

 ( Surzycki Stefan S. ) - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Genetic Engineering Center


The subunits of RNA polymerase II enzymes were analyzed for their ability to bind to double stranded DNA. Partially purified RNA polymerases II from wheat germ and calf thymus were subjected to electrophoresis)n denaturing conditions, transferred to nitrocellulose ftIters and probed with radioactively labeled double stranded calf thymus DNA. Wheat germ polymerase subunits of 215 and 140 kilodaltons and calf thymus polymerase subunits of 185 and 140 kilodaltons bound to the DNA probes. Human placental RNA polymerase II was analysed by DNA crosslin king methods and was shown to contain two subunits of 240 and 19S kilodaltons that interact with the DNA probes. These results indicate that eukaryotic RNA polymerase enzymes may interact with DNA in a more complex fashion than prokaryotic enzymes, where only one subunit binds to DNA.


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