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Analysis of the Negative Regulatory Site Upstream of Bovine Growth Hormone Gene

Molecules and Cells 1990년 1권 1호 p.111 ~ 117
 ( Kim Soo-Mi ) - Seoul National University Department of Microbiology

 ( Lee Joon ) - Seoul National University Department of Microbiology
 ( Roe Jung-Hye ) - Seoul National University Department of Microbiology


We had previously shown that the transcription of bovine growth hormone (bGH) gene in HeLa cells drastically increased when sequences upstream of - 240 nucleotide residue were deleted from the bGH promoter [Park et al. (1989) Korean J Microbiol. 27, 85-91]. The location of the putative negative regulatory site (NRS) was determined to be between - 335 and - 240 nucleotide residues. We cloned and sequenced this 95-bp fragment containing NRS. Sequence homology with several other known negative regulatory sites was found. We further investigated whether there are trans-acting factors in HeLa nuclear extracts which bind specifically to NRS fragment. Gel mobility shift assay revealed that several specific complexes were formed between the NRS fragment and some trans-acting factor(s).


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