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Transfer RNA-Derived Small Non-Coding RNA: Dual Regulator of Protein Synthesis

Molecules and Cells 2019년 42권 10호 p.687 ~ 692
 ( Kim Hak-Kyun ) - Chung-Ang University Department of Life Science


Transfer RNA-derived small RNAs (tsRNAs) play a role in various cellular processes. Accumulating evidence has revealed that tsRNAs are deeply implicated in human diseases, such as various cancers and neurological disorders, suggesting that tsRNAs should be investigated to develop novel therapeutic intervention. tsRNAs provide more complexity to the physiological role of transfer RNAs by repressing or activating protein synthesis with distinct mechanisms. Here, we highlight the detailed mechanism of tsRNA-mediated dual regulation in protein synthesis and discuss the necessity of novel sequencing technology to learn more about tsRNAs.


tRF; tRNA; tsRNA; translation
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