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CAD/CAM 티타늄 맞춤 지대주로 수복한 구치부 임플란트에서의 기계적 합병증에 대한 후향적 연구

Mechanical Complications of Posterior Implant Restorations using CAD/CAM Titanium Customized Abutments: A Retrospective Study

대한구강악안면임플란트학회지 2019년 23권 3호 p.150 ~ 161
양민영 ( Yang Min-Young ) - 강남세브란스 치과병원 치과보철과

장재승 ( Chang Jae-Seung ) - 강남세브란스 치과병원 치과보철과
지운 ( Ji Woon ) - 강남세브란스 치과병원 치과보철과
김선재 ( Kim Sun-Jai ) - 강남세브란스 치과병원 치과보철과


Purpose: The purpose of this retrospective study was to evaluate the incidence of mechanical complications of the posterior implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis (p-ISFDP) using computeraided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) titanium customized abutments and to evaluate the influencing factors on complications.

Material and Methods: The incidence and consequences of mechanical complications in p-ISFDPs over a mean follow up period of 54.43 ± 6.24 months were assessed based on electronic documentations f rom 138 patients with 266 implants. All p-ISFDP utilized CAD/CAM titanium customized abutments, and were fabricated with cement-retained prostheses with occlusal screw access holes.
Statistical analyses were performed to identify the risk factors of mechanical complications.

Results: During the observation period (3 - 5 years), implant survival rates were 100%. Major mechanical complications were 8 abutment fractures (3.01%), 8 screw loosenings (3.01%), 2 screw fractures (0.75%), 11 chipping or fractures of veneering materials (5.58%), 23 decementations of the superstructure (11.68%). The relationship between the incidence of mechanical complications and the possible factors were not statistically significant(p > .05).

Conclusion: There is no significant difference between each mechanical complication and the risk factors. P-ISFDP fabricated with CAD/CAM titanium abutments is a clinically acceptable treatment.


CAD/CAM; Mechanical complication; Implant-supported dental prosthesis; Customized abutment
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