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산초의 약물대사효소 CYP3A4 저해 활성

Inhibitory Activity of Drug-metabolizing Enzyme CYP3A4 of Zanthoxylum Peel

생약학회지 2019년 50권 3호 p.159 ~ 164
차배천 ( Cha Bae-Cheon ) - 상지대학교 보건과학대학 제약공학과


Zanthoxylum Peel is widely used as a common spice for a variety of foods. In the orient, it has also been used as traditional agents for treating diseases such as indigestion. Recently, Zanthoxylum Peel has been reported to have anti-cancer activity, anti-microbial activity, and anti-inflammatory activity. Chemical components are known sanshool compounds and xanthoxylin. In this study, we were carried out to investigate the constituents of inhibiting a drug metabolizing enzyme CYP3A4 from Zanthoxylum Peel. CYP3A4 is known as an enzyme involved in drug metabolism as monooxygenase containing the heme. As a result of experiment, we found that bergapten (IC50 = 18.21 μM) and quercetin (IC50 = 17.27 μM) isolated from EtOAc extract of Zanthoxylum Peel showed remarkable CYP3A4-inhibiting activities. Structures of the isolated active compounds were established by chemical and spectroscopic means.


Cytochrome P450 (CYP)3A4; Inhibiting activity; Zanthoxylum Peel; Bergapten; Quercetin
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