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Sprague-Dawley 랫드를 이용한 땃두릅나무 열수추출물 분말의 단회 경구투여 독성시험 및 4주 반복 경구투여 용량 결정 시험

Single Oral Dose Toxicity Test and Four Weeks Repeated Oral Dose Determination Test of Oplopanax elatus (Nakai) Nakai Hydrothermal Extract Powder in Sprague-Dawley Rats

생약학회지 2019년 50권 3호 p.205 ~ 218
유남호 ( Yoo Nam-Ho ) - 강원대학교 농업생명과학대학

권용수 ( Kwon Yong-Soo ) - 강원대학교 약학대학
천현수 ( Chun Hyeon-Soo ) - (주)에이치티오라이프
안규섭 ( Ahn Kyu-Sup ) - 한국건설생활환경시험연구원
김혜진 ( Kim Hye-Jin ) - 한국건설생활환경시험연구원
류현열 ( Ryu Hyeon-Yeol ) - 한국건설생활환경시험연구원
이소민 ( Lee So-Min ) - 한국건설생활환경시험연구원
송경석 ( Song Kyung-Seuk ) - 한국건설생활환경시험연구원
박병준 ( Park Byung-Jun ) - 강원대학교 농업생명과학대학
김명조 ( Kim Myong-Jo ) - 강원대학교 농업생명과학대학


This study was conducted to investigate the toxicity symptoms and approximate lethal dose (ALD) of Oplopanax elatus (Nakai) Nakai hydrothermal extract powder by single oral dose toxicity and 4 weeks of repeated oral dose determination. The Sprague-Dawley (SD) male and female rats were treated with 1,250 (low- dosage group), 2,500 (medium- dosage group) and 5,000 (high- dosage group) mg/kg. In the single oral dose toxicity test, no dead animals and toxic symptoms were observed during the experiment. And there were no related with anomalies in normal weight changes and autopsy results. In the four-week repeated oral dose determination test, no death animals and toxicity symptoms were observed during the experiment, and there were no abnormal results in weight changes, feed and negative intake measurements. Results of eye examination, urinalysis, hematological values and serum biochemical values, gross findings and absolute organ were not of singularity. These result demonstrated that no toxic symptoms were observed by the test substance Oplopanax elatus (Nakai) Nakai hydrothermal extract powder under this test condition, and the non-toxic content is determined to be 5,000 mg/kg/day.


Four weeks repeated; Oplopanax elatus (Nakai) Nakai; Sprague-Dawley Rat; Single oral dose toxicity
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