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Ets-1 enhances tumor migration through regulation of CCR7 expression

BMB Reports 2019년 52권 9호 p.548 ~ 553
 ( Fang Li-Wen ) - I-Shou University Department of Nutrition

 ( Kao Ying-Hsien ) - I-Shou University E-Da Hospital Department of Medical Research
 ( Chuang Ya-Ting ) - National Taiwan University Hospital Department of Medical Research
 ( Huang Huey-Lan ) - Chang Jung Christian University College of Health Science Department of Bioscience Technology
 ( Tai Tzong-Shyuan ) - I-Shou University E-Da Hospital Department of Medical Research


Ets-1 is a prototype of the ETS protein family. Members of the ETS protein family contain a unique ETS domain. Ets-1 is associated with cancer progression and metastasis in many types of cancer. Many studies have shown a link between elevated expression of Ets-1 in cancer biopsies and poor survival. CCR7 is a chemokine that binds to specific ligand CCL21/CCL19. CCR7 expression is associated with tumor metastasis and infiltration into lymph nodes. The objective of this study was to test whether Ets-1 could regulate CCR7 expression and enhance tumor metastasis. Our data showed that CCR7 expression was downregulated in Ets-1-deficient T cells upon T-cell stimulation. Overexpression of Ets-1 increased CCR7 expression in breast cancer cell lines. In contrast, knockdown of Ets-1 reduced CCR7 expression. Ets-1 could directly bind to CCR7 promoter and mediate CCR7 expression in luciferase reporter assays and chromatin immunoprecipitation assays. Transactivation activity of Ets-1 was independent of the Pointed domain of Ets-1. Ets-1 could also enhance NF-κB and CBP transactivation of CCR7 promoter. Our results also showed that Ets-1 could modulate cancer cell transmigration by altering CCR7 expression in transwell assay and wound healing assay. Taken together, our data suggest that Ets-1 can enhance CCR7 expression and contribute to tumor cell migration.


CCR7; Ets-1; PNT domain; Tumor migration
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