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위축성 질염에 대한 한약 투약의 효과 : 체계적 문헌 고찰

Application of Traditional East Asian Herbal Medicine for Atrophic Vaginitis : A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials

대한한방부인과학회지 2019년 32권 3호 p.227 ~ 244
박어진 ( Park Eo-Jin ) - 청연한방병원 한방부인과

조희근 ( Jo Hee-Guen ) - 청연중앙연구소


Objectives : To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of application of Traditional East Asian Herbal Medicine(TEAM) in the treatment of Atrophic Vaginitis(AV).

Methods : Randomized Controlled Trials(RCTs) were obtained from PubMed, Cochrane Library, Embase, CNKI, RISS, NDSL, and KISS. The risk of bias was assessed by using Cochrane’s risk of bias tool, and RevMan 5.3 software was used.

Results : 26 RCTs with 3,162 patients were identified and reviewed. Among them, 21 RCTs observe the effect of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. 23 RCTs reported treatment groups was statistically effective than control groups in the study. Also, the recurrence rate was estimated in 10 RCTs and was lower than control groups. 12 studies observed adverse events(AEs) and severe AEs were not reported.

Conclusions : This review suggested that TEAM was safe and effective in the treatment of AV. TEAM may also decrease the recurrence rate. However, this could not be proven conclusively. To ensure evidence-based clinical practice, well-designed trials with larger sample sizes are needed.


Atrophic Vaginitis; Traditional East Asian Herbal Medicine(TEAM); Korean Herbal Medicine; Randomized Controlled Trial(RCT)
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