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Effect of Ohmic Heating on Rheological Property of Starches

한국식품영양학회지 2019년 32권 4호 p.304 ~ 311
차윤환 ( Cha Yun-Hwan ) - 숭의여자대학교 식품영양과


Ohmic heating is a heating method based on the principle when an electrical current passes through food. Since this method is internal, electrical current damage occurred during heating treatment. The results of ohmic heated starch’s external structure, X-ray diffraction, DSC analysis and RVA were differed from those of conventional heating at the same temperature. Several starches changed more rigid by structure re-aggregation. This change in starch was caused by change of physical, chemical, rheological property. The rheology of ohmic heated potato and corn starch of different heated methods were compared with chemically modified starch. After gelatinization, sample starch suspension (2%, 3%) measured flow curves by rheometer. Cross-linked chemically modified starch’s shear stress was decreased with degree of substitution reversibly. Ohmic heated more dramatic, at 60℃. Potato starch’s shear stress was less than commercial high cross-linked modified starch. Flow curves of potato starches measured at 4℃, 10℃, 20℃. Showed that Ohmic heated potato starch’s shear stress ranging between 4℃ and 20℃ was narrower than modified starch. According to this study, ohmic heated potato starch can be used by decreasing viscosity agent like cross-linked modified starch.


ohmic heating; conventional heating; modified starch; flow curve; rheometer
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