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품종 및 재배지역별 과채류와 과실류의 유리당 함량 비교 분석

Analysis of Free Sugars Contents of Fruit and Fruit Vegetables Classified by Cultivar and Cultivation Area

한국식품영양학회지 2019년 32권 4호 p.321 ~ 327
하태문 ( Ha Tai-Moon ) - 경기도농업기술원 작물연구과

원선이 ( Won Seon-Yi ) - 경기도농업기술원 작물연구과
서재순 ( Seo Jae-Soon ) - 경기도농업기술원 작물연구과
강희윤 ( Kang Heui-Yun ) - 경기도농업기술원 작물연구과
이대형 ( Lee Dae-Hyoung ) - 경기도농업기술원 작물연구과
권영희 ( Keuyn Young-Hee ) - 경기도농업기술원 작물연구과


The objective of this study was to analyze the free sugar contents of ten kinds of fruits and fruit vegetables that were collected from many district in Korea. The analyzed results will be used as basic nutrition component reference to processing.
The results were summarized as follows. The total free sugar contents among the ten kinds of fruit vegetables was highest in grape. The contents of glucose, fructose and sucrose were 6.39%, 6.27%, 0.28%, respectively. The average total sugar contents of four cultivar of apple was 11.42% and average fructose contents was 6.13%. The free sugar contents of thirteen samples of the same cultivar of apple were all differing with statistical significance. The average total free sugar contents of eight cultivar of peach was 8.66%. In case of tomato, glucose content was approximately 1.35~2.83% and fructose was 1.26~2.51%. The contents of glucose, fructose and sucrose in paprika were 2.19%, 2.06%, 0.1%, respectively.


fruit and fruit vegetables; free sugars; HPLC; cultivar; cultivation area
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