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유색미 이용 죽 적합 품종 선발을 위한 품질특성 평가

Evaluation of Quality Characteristics of Colored Rice Depending on Cultivars for Functional Porridge

한국식품영양학회지 2019년 32권 4호 p.355 ~ 363
김민영 ( Kim Min-Young ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과

박혜영 ( Park Hye-Young ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과
이병원 ( Lee Byong-Won ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과
이지윤 ( Lee Ji-Yoon ) - 국립식량과학원 남부작물부 논이용작물과
이유영 ( Lee Yu-Young ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과
이진영 ( Lee Jin-Young ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과
김미향 ( Kim Mi-Hyang ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과
이병규 ( Lee Byoung-Kyu ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과
김현주 ( Kim Hyun-Joo ) - 국립식량과학원 중부작물부 수확후이용과


This study was conducted to explore the quality characteristics of colored rice depending on the cultivars (Jeogjinu, Josaengheugchal, Joeunheukmi, Heukjinjubyeo, Hongjinju, Heukjinmi, Geongganghongmi) for porridge. The moisture, crude protein, lipid, ash, amylose and damaged starch contents of colored rice ranged from 10.05~11.23%, 7.72~8.69%, 2.68~3.26%, 1.62~1.88%, 6.29~20.31% and 5.06~8.26%, respectively. The highest moisture (11.23%), crude protein (8.69%), lipid (3.26%) and ash (1.88%) contents of colored rice were detected in Heukjinjubyeo, Joeunheukmi, Josaengheugchal and Heukjinmi, respectively. The lowest amylose and damaged starch contents of colored rice were detected in Josaengheugchal and Joeunheukmi, respectively. In general, the water binding capacity, water solubility and swelling power of Heukjinmi were greater than those of the other cultivars. The investigation of the pasting properties (peak, trough, break down, final and setback viscosity, peak time, pasting temperature) of colored rice indicated a low value in Josaengheugchal. The lowest hardness (13,673.25 g) of colored rice was observed in Heukjinjubyeo while the highest digestibility (5.44 glucose mg/g) of colored rice was observed in Josaengheugchal. These results indicated that Josaengheugchal are suitable cultivars for porridge.


colored rice; cultivars; porridge; quality characteristics
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