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HMR형 냉동 별미밥에 대한 소비자 인식 및 구매실태

Consumer Perception and Purchase Pattern of HMR Type Flavored Cooked Rice

한국식품영양학회지 2019년 32권 4호 p.385 ~ 394
최지유 ( Choi Ji-Yu ) - 우송대학교 외식조리학부

김경섭 ( Kim Kyeong-Seop ) - (주)우리식품
오석태 ( Oh Suk-Tae ) - 우송대학교 외식조리학부


This study was designed as the precedent research to develop improve the HMR type flavored cooked rice, by analyzing the consumer perception and purchase pattern. This will in turn provide base data to that will help in the development of products that meet consumer’s convenience and quality demands. An online survey of 247 people (63.5%) in the age of 20 to 60 was conducted on January 2019. For the primary reason of buying those products, the survey respondents chose a convenience of 71.7%. They are likely to buy 1~2 times a month (40.5%) in hypermarkets (63.6%). The channel choice showed meaningful difference between segments (p<0.01). 89.1% of respondents replied that they are willing to purchase frozen flavored cooked rice in the future. The Key Purchasing factor appeared to be the flavor (5.80), while nutrition (4.89) was chosen as the least important factor. For flavor preference, sea food received the highest score (5.05), while radish kimchi flavor received the lowest (4.02) with a meaningful difference by gender and age (p<0.01). Consumers who sought nutrition, convenience and adventure in HMR products had higher willingness to re-purchase. Developing healthy, flavorful, sensory, and enjoyable HMR products will be critical in the fulfillment of diverse consumer needs.


HMR type; flavored cooked rice; consumer perception; preference
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