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중국유학생의 거주기간에 따른 한국음식 확산

Adoption Process of Chinese Students to Korean Food Based on Residence periods

한국식생활문화학회지 2019년 34권 4호 p.411 ~ 423
한경수 ( Han Kyung-Soo ) - 경기대학교 외식조리학과

민지은 ( Min Ji-Eun ) - 경기대학교 외식조리학과


This study conducted qualitative research through in-depth interviews on the diffusion process of Korean food inaccordance with the length of residence of Chinese students in Korea. As the analysis method, the qualitative analysismethod such as NVivo12.0 was used, and the analysis was performed through word frequency, word cloud, and codingmatrix. The images of taste of Korean food were revealed as ‘Spicy’, ‘Sweet’, and ‘Light taste’ by both short-term Chineseresidents and long-term Chinese residents. The long-term Chinese residents showed their dissatisfaction with the institutionalfood, and they also pointed out the importance of the matter of cooking for quick adaptation to life in Korea. The long-termChinese residents also thought of Korean food as ‘High-fiber food’, and this was influenced by the ‘Less-oil’ cooking methodof Korean food, which is different from the cooking method of Chinese food. The length of residence was used as a mainvariable of this study, and it was one of the factors having positive effects on the diffusion of Korean food and acculturation. It would be difficult to generalize the results because this study used the convenience sampling method and snowballsampling


NVivo; diffusion of korean food; adoption process of korean food; korean food image
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