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레스토랑 선택속성과 대기시간에 따른 고객감정이 재방문의도에 미치는 영향

Effectiveness of Restaurant Attributes and Consumer Emotions regarding Waiting Time on Revisit Intention

한국식생활문화학회지 2019년 34권 4호 p.432 ~ 439
이정은 ( Lee Jeong-Eun ) - 우송대학교 외식조리학부 외식산업경영전공

최진경 ( Choi Jin-Kyung ) - 우송대학교 외식조리학부 외식산업경영전공


The purpose of this study is to measure the effect of customers’ waiting time on their revisit intention through theiremotion. Also this study assessed the effect of restaurant selection attributes on consumers’ revisit intention in Korea. Thisstudy used experimental scenario questionnaires for collecting data. Frequency analysis, Cronbach’s alpha, correlation, ttestsand multiple regression analysis were assessed using SPSS. Customers preferred taste, sanitation and service whenselecting a restaurant to dine out. The results of this study found that there were no significant differences between positiveand negative emotions due to waiting time. Findings of this study suggested that waiting time, convenience, nutritionalvalue, and emotion influenced consumers’ revisit intention. Therefore, reducing waiting time and providing proper servicewill help consumers have positive emotions to return to dine at a restaurant.


Waiting time; positive emotion; negative emotion; restaurant revisit intention
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