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Strauss와 Corbin 근거이론의 변화

Changes in Strauss & Corbin’s Grounded Theory

Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing 2019년 49권 5호 p.505 ~ 514
 ( Kim Ji-Eun ) - 초당대학교 간호학과


Purpose: This study aimed to introduce and elucidate changes in Strauss and Corbin’s grounded theory and discuss its application to the field of nursing in South Korea.

Methods: The changes in grounded theory by Strauss and Corbin were examined through a literature review of grounded theory from its inception.

Results: Strauss and Corbin acknowledged their philosophical backgrounds of symbolic interactionism and pragmatism; however, their methodology based on positivism overwhelmed their epistemology and ontology. This inconsistency has been represented by the coding paradigm and the premise of “emergent from the data.” In the revised version of Basics, Strauss and Corbin modified their theory to weaken the coding paradigm and strengthen the strategies for the development of substantive theory.

Conclusion: Strauss and Corbin’s revised grounded theory did not fully address the inconsistency of their epistemology and ontology between their acknowledgement and methodology. However, these changes constitute a meaningful step toward resolving inconsistencies and highlight the development of substantive theory. This has implications for Korean nursing researchers who have utilized methodologies in grounded theory with dogmatic approaches; grounded theory, with its evolving nature, is not a finalized method and calls for open approaches for the development of a grounded theory that fits Korean nursing.


근거이론; 상징적 상호작용주의; 종설
Grounded Theory; Symbolic Interactionism; Review
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