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맞춤형 건강증진 프로그램이 여성 독거노인의 우울과 인지기능 및 신체건강에 미치는 효과: 무작위 집락 배정 설계

Effects of a Customized Health Promotion Program on Depression, Cognitive Functioning, and Physical Health of Elderly Women Living Alone in Community: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial

Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing 2019년 49권 5호 p.515 ~ 525
박예리자 ( Park Ye-Ri-Ja ) - 가톨릭대학교 간호대학

송경애 ( Sohng Kyeong-Yae ) - 가톨릭대학교 간호대학


Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a customized health promotion program (CHPP) on depression, cognitive functioning, and physical health of elderly women living alone in the community.

Methods: A randomized comparison of pre-and post-test design was used with 62 participants assigned to either an intervention (n=32 in seven clusters) or a control group (n=30 in seven clusters) in 14 areas of a town. The final sample included 30 intervention participants who completed the CHPP for 10 weeks, and 26 control participants. The intervention group participated in the CHPP weekly; they were provided with instructions about coping with their chronic illnesses, lifestyle modification, risk management, providing emotional support to each other, and floor-seated exercise, which they were encouraged to do three times a week in their homes.

Results: Significant group differences were found in depression (U=48.50, p<.001), cognitive functioning (U=2.50, p<.001), left arm flexibility (U=251.50, p=.023), right arm flexibility (U=225.00, p=.007), static balance (U=237.00, p=.012), and gait ability (U=190.50, p=.004). However, there were no significant differences in bothgrip strength and muscle mass between the two groups.

Conclusion: The findings indicate that CHPP was overall effective at improving depression, cognitive functioning, and physical functioning of elderly women living alone, and could therefore be considered a positive program for community-dwelling elderly women living alone.


노인; 우울; 인지기능; 건강증진
Elderly; Depression; Cognition; Health Promotion
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