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한국어판 프리셉터 교육행동 평가도구의 타당도와 신뢰도 검증

Validity and Reliability of the Clinical Teaching Behavior Inventory (CTBI) for Nurse Preceptors in Korea

Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing 2019년 49권 5호 p.526 ~ 537
정면숙 ( Jung Myun-Sook ) - 경상대학교 간호대학

김은경 ( Kim Eun-Kyung ) - 충북대학교 간호학과
김세영 ( Kim Se-Young ) - 창원대학교 간호학과
김종경 ( Kim Jong-Kyung ) - 단국대학교 간호대학
유선주 ( You Sun-Ju ) - 목포대학교 간호학과


Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the validity and reliability of the Korean version of the Clinical Teaching Behavior Inventory (CTBI).

Methods: The English CTBI-23 was translated into Korean with forward and backward translation. Survey data were collected from 280 nurses’ preceptors at five acute-care hospitals in Korea. Content validity, construct validity, and criterion-related validity were evaluated. Cronbach’s α was used to assess reliability. SPSS 24.0 and AMOS 22.0 software was used for data analysis.

Results: The CTBI Korean version consists of 22 items in six domains, including being committed to teaching, building a learning atmosphere, using appropriate teaching strategies, guiding inter-professional communication, providing feedback and evaluation, and showing concern and support. One of the items in the CTBI was excluded with a standardized factor loading of less than .05. The confirmatory factor analysis supported good fit and reliable scores for the Korean version of the CTBI model. A six-factor structure was validated (χ2=366.30, p<.001, CMIN/df=2.0, RMSEA=.06, RMR=.03, SRMR=.05, GFI=.90, IFI=.94, TLI=.92, CFI=.94). The criterion validity of the core competency evaluation tool for preceptors was .77 (p<.001). The Cronbach’s α for the overall scale was .93, and the six subscales ranged from .72 to .85.

Conclusion: The Korean version CTBI-22 is a valid and reliable instrument for identifying the clinical teaching behaviors of preceptors in Korea. The CTBI-22 also could be used as a guide for the effective teaching behavior of preceptors, which can help new nurses adapt to the practicalities of nursing


프리셉터십; 신뢰도와 타당도; 간호교육; 간호사; 도구
Preceptorship; Reliability and Validity; Nursing Education; Nurses; Scales
원문 및 링크아웃 정보
등재저널 정보