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Current status and future direction of digital health in Korea

Korean Journal of Physiology & Pharmacology 2019년 23권 5호 p.311 ~ 315
 ( Shin Soo-Yong ) - Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technology Department of Digital Health


Recently, digital health has gained the attention of physicians, patients, and healthcare industries. Digital health, a broad umbrella term, can be defined as an emerging health area that uses brand new digital or medical technologies involving genomics, big data, wearables, mobile applications, and artificial intelligence. Digital health has been highlighted as a way of realizing precision medicine, and in addition is expected to become synonymous with health itself with the rapid digitization of all health-related data. In this article, we first define digital health by reviewing the diverse range of definitions among academia and government agencies. Based on these definitions, we then review the current status of digital health, mainly in Korea, suggest points that are missing from the discussion or ought to be added, and provide future directions of digital health in clinical practice by pointing out certain key points.


Artificial intelligence; Digital health; eHealth; Government regulation; Mobile health
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