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우측 경부 림프절에 발생한 키쿠치-후지모토씨 병 : 증례보고 및 문헌고찰

Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease in the right cervical lymph node: a case report & literature review

대한구강악안면병리학회지 2019년 43권 4호 p.111 ~ 114
정상환 ( Jung Sang-Hwan ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실

장한슬 ( Jang Han-Seul ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
장성백 ( Jang Seong-Baek ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
권대근 (  ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
최소영 ( Choi So-Young ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실


Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis (Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease, KFD) is a benign self-limiting lesion that can self-heal when no severe symptoms are present. KFD resembles tuberculous lymphadenitis and malignant lymphoma. Thus, early differential diagnosis will minimize unnecessary evaluation and treatment. Histological examination of a lymph node biopsy or fine needle aspiration could be a reliable method for KFD diagnosis. This study reports a case of histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis of the right cervical lymph node in a 52-year-old female patient. According to the fine needle aspiration biopsy result, the patient was diagnosed with Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease and treated with prednisolone (15 mg/day). After treatment, there was no recurrence or adverse event.


Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis; Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease; Fine needle aspiration biopsy; Prednisolone
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