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우측 상악동에서 발생한 극세포형 법랑아세포종 유래 법랑아세포암종 : 증례보고

Ameloblastic Carcinoma ex Acanthomatous Ameloblastoma of the Maxillary Sinus: A Case Report

대한구강악안면병리학회지 2019년 43권 4호 p.127 ~ 131
조극제 ( Cho Keuk-Je ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실

김근환 ( Kim Keun-Hwan ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
김호준 ( Kim Ho-Joon ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
신흥인 ( Sin Heung-In ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강병리학교실
권대근 (  ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실
최소영 ( Choi So-Young ) - 경북대학교 치과대학 구강악안면외과학교실


Ameloblastoma is an odontogenic tumor characterized by various sites of metastasis, malignant transformation, and a high recurrence rate over time. Ameloblastic carcinoma(AC) is the term reserved for an ameloblastoma with histologic evidence of malignancy in the primary tumor. AC is classified into two types: most ACs occur de novo, and only few cases of malignant transformation of ameloblastoma become apparent. Here, we report a case of AC, arising from recurrent acanthomatous ameloblastoma on the maxillary sinus, in a 60-year-old male patient. The mass was first diagnosed as acanthomatous ameloblastoma; subsequently, surgical curettage was performed thrice while partial maxillectomy was performed twice. On the fifth recurrence, the tumor was identified as AC.


Ameloblastic carcinoma; Metastasis; Acanthomatous ameloblastoma; Maxillary sinus
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