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Update on dentin hypersensitivity: with the focus on hydrodynamic theory and mechanosensitive ion channels

International Journal of Oral Biology 2019년 44권 3호 p.71 ~ 76
원종화 ( Won Jong-Hwa ) - Seoul National University College of Natural Sciences Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

 ( Oh Seog-Bae ) - Seoul National University School of Dentistry Department of Neurobiology and Physiology


Dentin hypersensitivity is an abrupt intense pain caused by innocuous stimuli to exposed dentinal tubules. Mechanosensitive ion channels have been assessed in dental primary afferent neurons and odontoblasts to explain dentin hypersensitivity. Dentinal fluid dynamics evoked by various stimuli to exposed dentin cause mechanical stress to the structures underlying dentin. This review briefly discusses three hypotheses regarding dentin hypersensitivity and introduces recent findings on mechanosensitive ion channels expressed in the dental sensory system and discusses how the activation of these ion channels is involved in dentin hypersensitivity.


Dentin hypersensitivity; Mechanoreceptor; Dental physiology; Hydrodynamic theory
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