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건강신념모델에 근거한 모바일 헬스케어 이용자의 경험분석: 포커스 그룹 인터뷰

A study on the experience of mHealth based on health belief model: Focus group interview

보건교육건강증진학회지 2019년 36권 3호 p.97 ~ 111
박나영 ( Park Na-Young ) - 서울대학교 보건대학원 보건학과

황정혜 ( Hwang Jeong-Hae ) - 한양사이버대학교 보건행정학과
최윤경 ( Choi Yun-Kyoung ) - 한국방송통신대학교 간호학과
 ( Park Seong-Hi ) - 순천향대학교 간호대학
이연경 ( Lee Yeon-Kyung ) - 한국건강증진개발원


Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the experiences of users of mobile health (mHealth) in the public health center, to describe the phenomenon and to identify the problems. This is a qualitative study conducted by a focus group interview.

Methods: Voluntary decision making by individuals is important for participation and maintenance of mHealth for health promotion, which is consistent with the health belief model. The main factors of the health belief model (HBM) were investigated by focus group interview (FGI) with 25 experienced mHealth users divided into two groups. The thematic analysis method was conducted as the axis of the research question.

Results: As a result of the research, meaningful statements were extracted as codes and integrated into 20 subcategories, structured into 8 categories and 4 themes which were ‘Personal perception of health risks’, ‘Likelihood of action’, ‘Cues to action’, ‘Sustainability likelihood of action’. were derived as key elements of the HBM.

Conclusions: This research is based on the use of mobile as a means of health promotion. The findings suggested mHealth has a number of valued features such as delivering healthcare anywhere and anytime, numerical feedback, interaction with an health expert, networks within mobile and inducing participate through the gamification. The findings provided insight into the opportunities and challenges involved in delivering health-related behavioral interventions through mHealth.


mHealth; health promotion; focus group interview; health belief model; metabolic syndrome
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