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커뮤니티 케어에서 보건의료의 공적 책임 강화 방안

Strengthen on public accountability of health care in the community care

보건교육건강증진학회지 2019년 36권 4호 p.13 ~ 22
임준 ( Yim Jun ) - 서울시립대학교 도시보건대학원


Objectives: The need for community care is increasing as the demand for care due to the aging of the population structure increases. There is a growing need to strengthen the public role of community health care system, a major component of community care.

Methods: This study used the deductive research methodology and targeted the entire population, regional public health centers, and regional accountable hospitals in the regional service area.

Results: Community care should include the concept of a community health care system. Chronic disease management projects based on primary medical care should be expanded, healthy living support centers should be expanded, and regional accountable hospitals should be designated and nurtured.

Conclusions: By strengthening the public accountability of community health care, the community care can address care issues in the community and achieve healthy old age.


community care; primary health care; regional accountable hospital
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